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How Our Company Has Changed Lives

Did you know that over 8,000 children die each year from preventable home accidents? Many of these deaths are due to parents not taking the necessary precautions to baby proof their homes. Baby Proof Me is a company dedicated to helping parents keep their children safe. We offer a wide range of products to help make your home safe for your little ones.

 An infant & toddler mortality rate graphic of the US

Since we started Baby Proof Me, we have helped over 10,000 homes become more child-safe. We are constantly expanding our product line to include new safety products for parents. We are also starting initiatives to help educate parents on the importance of child safety. Our goal is to help as many families as possible keep their children safe from preventable accidents. We hope to soon be able to have a resource center full of important contacts for parents dealing with child safety here in the US. We're also working hard to get our products out to major retailers, so you can shop the Baby Proof Me line up at your favorite store.


We're soon going to be including our favorite range of products like soaps, medicines, perfumes, and so much more. We'll be discussing our choices for what makes them great and have plenty of options at different price points for you to choose from.


If you are a parent, we urge you to take the necessary precautions to baby proof your home. It could save your child's life. Baby Proof Me is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you keep your child safe. Thank you for considering us as your go-to source for child safety information and products. Baby Proof Me is changing lives, one family at a time.