Items For Your First Born

Items For Your First Born

When you are expecting a baby, you may be overwhelmed with all of the things you need to buy. Some items are essential and others can wait until later. The following list will help you get started on your shopping list so that when it's time to bring your baby home, everything will be ready!


A bassinet is a small bed for your baby that you can use to keep your baby close in the early months of life. Many people choose to use a bassinet because they like having their baby nearby while they sleep. You may want to consider using a bassinet next to your bed if you have trouble keeping any distance between yourself and your newborn.

Bassinets come in different sizes and styles, so it’s important that you find one that fits into your room or bedroom easily. Some models fold up into flat-packed boxes when not in use, which makes them great for travel purposes!

Flat Mattress

You'll need a flat mattress for your baby's crib. You want one that's firm, but not too hard, it should be comfortable enough so that your child can sleep without being disturbed by uncomfortable bedding, but not so soft that they roll into the middle and get stuck there. It should also be waterproof, easy to clean, and come with a fitted sheet that fits snugly.

Fitted Crab Sheets

Buying fitted sheets for your baby's crib is an absolute must-have. Fitted sheets are better than flat sheets because they fit the mattress more snugly, which means fewer chances of your baby getting caught in between the sheet and the mattress. They also work well as a covering for both cribs and bassinets, so you'll only have to buy one item (rather than two) if you're planning on using either of those things. They're also great when it comes time to take naps outside or while traveling—just throw them over a portable pack n' play mattress! Finally, they'll make life easier when it comes time to wash all those spit-up stains out of their little clothes!

Rocking Chair Or Glider

A rocking chair or glider. Baby will sleep in this and you'll find yourself spending a lot of time sitting in it, rocking your newborn. Make sure you get one that has arms on both sides so you can easily reach all around the baby.

Baby Monitor

For parents who  prefer added security by being able to see their child on camera without having to take time out of their day with every diaper change or feeding session.

Toy Storage

  • Toy storage is a good idea because toys can be expensive, and you don't want to lose any of your favorites.
  • You'll want to keep the baby's toys out of reach—maybe behind a door or on top of a shelf. The best thing is if they're not visible at all, but if you have some favorites that you want the baby to play with, then put those somewhere where they are in sight.

You don't need many toys for your first baby; just one or two favorites that can entertain the child for long periods of time so that he doesn't get frustrated with trying to find something else to play with when he picks up one toy and realizes it doesn't work anymore (because it has lost its interest).

White Noise Machine

You'll need a white noise machine to help your baby sleep. The sound of the fan, waves or rain can soothe and relax your baby, helping him or her sleep longer and more soundly. You can also use it to block out other noises in your home that might disturb your baby's rest.


Babies are a lot of work, but they are also a lot of fun. You can do all this with a little planning and preparation. I hope you find my list helpful!