Choosing The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts for Parents-To-Be

Choosing The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts for Parents-To-Be

Baby showers have risen in popularity over the past few years. A baby shower has become something that almost every parent-to-be chooses to have, as much a celebration of the arrival of their new baby as an opportunity for friends and family to help them get what they need as useful gifts for their imminent arrival through the giving of baby shower presents.

If you have been invited to a baby shower, there are many baby shower presents that you could get. But how do you choose what to get for the baby shower? Should you go for something pretty and Instagram-able, baby clothes, or a practical baby shower gift, for example?

What is a Baby Shower and Why Do People Have Them?

A baby shower is essentially, a party that is thrown by parents-to-be (normally the mother) to both commemorate the fact that they have a new baby coming and to receive baby shower presents to help them out with things that they will need when the new baby arrives.

When a baby is born, there are many things that they will need. From diapers to babyproofing items, new parents have a lot to get, and a baby shower is the perfect place to give gifts for parents-to-be.

Attending a baby shower is the perfect way to support friends or family that are having a baby, both morally and with practical baby shower gifts. Babies can be very expensive, and gifts for parents-to-be can help to ease the expense.

Traditionally, baby showers have been thrown by mothers and were all-women affairs. Today, however, a baby shower will normally involve anyone that wants to attend the baby shower.

Most expectant mothers choose to have their baby shower a few weeks before their baby is due to be born. This is mainly because it is at a point when there is less of a chance of miscarriage, and some might know the gender of their baby – if this is important to them. This means that baby shower presents can be gendered if wanted.

Baby showers usually consist of the giving of baby shower gifts as well as playing some silly baby-related games and often a little food – all adding to the baby shower fun!

Choosing the Right Baby Shower Gifts

Once you have accepted an invitation to a baby shower, the next thing to think about is what baby shower gift you are going to get. When it comes to buying gifts for parents-to-be, there are many options open to you. Shops are full of cute, beautiful, or memorable gifts that you can buy. However, it is important to remember that the point of a baby shower is to buy parents-to-be useful gifts.

You should be looking to get them practical baby shower gifts that they are likely to need relatively imminently. The good news is that these can range in price – from a few dollars to more expensive baby equipment. Whatever you can afford is good for you, but also a useful gift for them at the baby shower and beyond.

What do Parents-To-Be Need?

The most important thing to consider when you are thinking about what baby shower gift to get is that it needs to be a practical gift, something that the parents-to-be will need. To decide on your baby shower present, you should think about the important things that they will need in the first few months.

Some ideas for practical baby shower gifts include:

  • Diapers, blankets, or other items that they will need from the go-get are great baby shower gifts.
  • Baby clothes – babies grow quickly and will always need new clothes, making them great baby shower gifts.
  • Baby safety ideas – as babies grow up, parents will need some items to help to keep the baby safe, such as babyproofing products like safety locks or electrical outlet plugs, and are an excellent idea for a gift for a baby shower.
  • Baby grooming products – items such as hairbrushes, baby shampoo, or nappy rash creams, for example, are great gift ideas for a baby shower.
  • Baby equipment such as a bottle sterilizing unit, sleeping sound machine, baby monitor, car seat, or bouncing chair are good ideas for baby shower gifts, especially if you have a bit more money to spend.

When they are organizing a baby shower, many parents-to-be will organize a list of useful gifts for their baby shower. This is to ensure that there are no duplicate baby shower gifts.

Baby Safety Ideas

One of the most useful groups of baby shower gifts for parents-to-be, are baby safety ideas. Keeping a baby safe is one of, if not the most important roles of a parent, and some items are needed at home to make it babyproof as they grow up – some of which are ideal for giving at a baby shower.

Babyproofing cupboards with magnetic safety locks or adjustable safety straps is essential for babies as they begin to grow, become mobile – and, naturally, more curious.

Another core babyproofing aspect is to protect them from corners with corner protectors. Stairgates, baby thermometers, non-slip bathmats, humidifiers, and air purifiers, for example, are all great baby safety ideas that are ideal for baby shower gifts.

These baby safety ideas have a range of prices, meaning that you can find the perfect baby shower gift from you, regardless of your budget. You can look at our range of babyproofing products here at babyproofme, for some ideas to give parents at a baby shower.

Other Useful Baby Shower Gift Ideas According to Budget

When you are thinking about what to get someone for their baby shower, try to steer clear of things that aren’t useful. New parents will already have a lot of extra things at home, so try to make your baby shower present as useful as possible.

The baby shower gift that you give at a baby shower should depend on the budget that you have. Your baby shower present does not need to be expensive – it’s the thought that counts, after all.

For those on a low budget, in addition to some of the baby safety gifts, you could also consider diapers (let’s face it, they will never have too many diapers!), baby changing products – creams and wet wipes, for example, bibs, a changing mat, or a body suit. For a baby shower gift, this can be bought for under $10.

For those who are looking for a baby shower present who are on a slightly higher budget, you could consider other clothes (perhaps for when they are slightly older – babies will grow out of their newborn clothes quickly), a diaper bag, an outdoor blanket, bottles, or baby grooming kit for the baby shower.

If you have a higher budget, great baby shower gifts would be a car seat, bathtub, white noise machine, sleep tracker, or baby monitor. It is worth considering, however, that if you are going to spend more money on the baby shower, you should consult with the parent(s) before spending.


A baby shower is a wonderful celebration of an imminent birth. A baby shower is a great chance for families and friends to show their support for their loved ones. A baby shower is also an opportunity to give them something that they need, to help take the strain off everything that will need to be bought when a new baby arrives. By giving parents-to-be the perfect baby shower gift, you can not only help out but also be part of the beginning of a new baby’s life.

When it comes to getting parents a gift for their baby shower, it’s the thought that counts, not the amount that you have spent on their baby shower gift. So, spend what you can, and enjoy the baby shower party!